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What you Will and Won't Find Here

What you won't find here is my life story. That's far too complicated for a Web page. Not to mention too boring!1

Nor will you find any pictures of me here. I assume that you'll be more interested in the mind behind the face. And any picture I might show could be tricked up to look better — or for that matter might be of someone else entirely. Who'd know? (Except those who already know what I look like, of course. RL enforces honesty on the WWW — sooner or later. It's the time period between deception and discovery that you have to worry about.)

A few words about pictures in general

So what I will offer here is information. Plus some informed opinions. The subjects might be anything, as my interests are wide-ranging. But mainly I will write about the exploration of space, science and pseudoscience, engineering, technology, electronics, and computers — as the links on the main menu suggest. I'm reading a wide variety of books (mostly non-fiction) and posting reviews of them, with errata lists; these bring history and politics into the mix of topics. I might throw in something about hiking, still and video photography, or music from time to time.

Of course, I have to include My résumé in reasonably printable form.

And there will be the occasional rant. The time lag inherent in computer communications tends to moderate extreme emotions. But humans can, to a degree, fire themselves up again; they have, thank the stars, the vital power to get passionate about the meaning of things. And I am no different.

[Rant Warning]

But I promise to keep rants to a minimum. And they will always be marked thus:

1 But, well, uhhhhh, gee — I dunno, guys & gals... Mebbeso, later on, at some point in time... Things are starting to get interesting.
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