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Fellow Travelers

Fellow travelers are those who share at least some of my goals or interests. They may or may not have started a blog, or put up a Web site to share their thoughts. Some predate the advent of the Internet; or perhaps they don't have the time, skill, or inclination to establish a Web presence.

Inclusion of someone's name on this page does not imply any sort of personal relationship with them. Fellow travelers may or may not be known to me personally; indeed, contradictory as it sounds, most probably will not; for I've tended to feel that I travel faster when I travel alone.

Finally, note that this is not a fan page. For example, I admire Dolly Parton's body of work1 tremendously, but I do not regard her as a fellow traveler. She travels a far different road than I do. So, while there may be some overlap — that is, I may be a fan of some of the people I list here — they are not here for that reason.

So there will be two types of entries on this page. One will be outside links to Web pages I find interesting, such as Virginia Postrel's Dynamist pages. My goal is to include a mini-review with each link; but limits on my time or skill may preclude this.

The other group will probably be a hodge-podge collection of things I deem noteworthy, but not worth building a separate page around. Some examples would be the latest Darwin Award, news of an invention or the successful flight of a new rocket engine, even a good joke. Note that this concept is still evolving; but, however it develops, it will be an eclectic archive.

For the moment, therefore, think of this as my Links Page. The links may be to blogs (aka Weblogs) or to traditional Web pages. (On Internet time, something ten years old is way past "traditional" into "hoary". <G>) Or they may simply be biographical sketches.

Virginia Postrel
She is the author of The Future and its Enemies, an influential 1998 book about the clash of three political philosophies. Per my review, the essential difference is that the first two seek to decree the future, whereas the third prefers to invent it. See Dynamist
1 Yes, this is a mildly salacious pun — two of them, in fact. From what I know of Dolly Parton, I doubt she would take offense. I certainly do not intend any.
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