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1 June 2014

What's new today? Starting over. Last November I took over the ownership of this domain (long story) and thought I was all set. But when my ISP installed new FTP software, the WHOIS record reverted to the previous owner. I got the ISP to straighten that out with no problem, but I now have to upload all content again. Actually I'm delighted; it gives me incentive to reorganize the site structure, something I've been meaning to do.

  • The most needful change is to group the book reviews into folders by topic. This will make it much easier to add new entries and maintain the section, for example by updating the new review flags. No doubt there were too many of these. I'll be aiming at once-a-month updates.
  • I'll be merging the "space book" reviews with the others — though I haven't worked out exactly how just yet.
  • The database of Incidents Involving Nuclear Energy also needs updating. And so does the section on climate change.
  • Some stylesheet properties ought to be consolidated.
  • And finally, there are (always) mistakes to fix.

All of this will take a good deal of time, of course. Please bear with me. As always, I welcome feedback.

For historical interest, I'll maintain a link to previous news entries for a while.

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