Lists of available reviews of mainstream fiction books

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Buffett, Jimmy A Salty Piece of Land 5.0 2/02/2013 Singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett provides another eclectic tale about how friends get you through the rough patches life throws at you — oh, and about pirates.
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg The Ox-Bow Incident 5.0 10/19/2012 Walter Clark's classic western tale remains thoroughly enjoyable.
Clavell, James Shōgun 5.0 4/06/2011 A crackling good tale, based on real history, of intrigue and battles in medieval Japan.
Dickens, Charles Hard Times 4.0 10/19/2005 Although depressing, this is a worthwhile read of how the industrial revolution affected the English midlands.
Fallaci, Oriana A Man (Un Uomo) 5.0 11/04/2002 A novel based on the life of Alexandros Panagoulis, leader of a revolt against the Greek dictator George Papadopoulos
Fallaci, Oriana Letter to a Child Never Born 5.0 1/27/2002 In this short novel, Fallaci explores the dilemma of a career woman pregnant out of wedlock.
Lederer, William The Ugly American 5.0 2/06/2011 Fictional in only the narrowest sense, this famous novel by Lederer & Burdick lays bare the reasons behind the failures of America's battle against communism in Southeast Asia during the twentieth century.
Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird 5.0 8/17/2012 Everyone should read this classic evocation of America's mid-twentieth-century south.
Mykel, A. W. The Salamandra Glass 5.0 8/13/2012 Mykel has penned a taut thriller involving sinister organizations that spawned out of World War 2.
Pohl, Frederik Chernobyl 5.0 4/26/2010 Veteran science-fiction author Pohl brings the 1986 Chernobyl disaster home in this gripping dramatization.
Shute, Nevil A Town Like Alice 5.0 4/27/2011 One of Shute's most engaging novels, about a plucky Englishwoman and her adventures in Malaysia during World War II as a prisoner of the Japanese — and her even more eventful life afterward.
Shute, Nevil On the Beach 4.5 4/17/2010 This novel of Shute's is his most familiar, at least in America. It is well-written, but I found its tone of resignation depressing.
Shute, Nevil Beyond the Black Stump 5.0 1/27/2013 Australia's outback provides the backdrop for another competent but unremarkable novel from former engineer Shute.
Stone, Irving The Origin 5.0 9/15/2012 Another fine biographical novel from the pen of Irving Stone, capturing the life of Charles Darwin.
Watson, William H. Made in America? 4.0 3/09/2014 Mr. Watson's first novel explores in an entertaining way the rise of China on the world's economic stage.
Quality Ranges for Book Reviews
The books are rated from 0 to 5 in increments of 0.5. Colors represent the following quality ranges:
4.0 to 5.0 Quality: HIGH (Color = Aqua) Competent to exceptional; well worth the money
2.0 to 3.5 Quality: FAIR (Color = Lime) Useful despite some flaws; may or may not be worth buying.
0.5 to 1.5 Quality: POOR (Color = Yellow) Seriously flawed; read it if you wish, but don't buy it.
0.0 to 0.0 Quality: YUCK (Color = Fuchsia) Avoid this book at all costs!
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